[ECOS] Issue with gprof

Picque Sébastien S.Picque@TELEVIC.com
Tue Jun 26 02:00:00 GMT 2007


I got a gmon.out from my target, but it seems to be impossible to extract the data.
he gmon.out is received via tftp.
When I run the command (under cygwin) : gprof gmon.out  
  result : gprof: gmon.out : not in a.out format 

What does it mean ?

gprof dhrystone

no such file or directory

Could somebody tell me what is wrong with it ? Moreover, by opening the gmon.out file (it looks to have almost every byte to  0)



Sebastien Picque

Embedded Software Engineer Consultant (Company Alten).
Phone number: + 32 (0)51 30 30 45 (poste 283).

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