[ECOS] Re: problem with ecos in fedora 4

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Sat Jun 23 11:31:00 GMT 2007

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rmahmoud@sysdsoft.com wrote:
> hello,
> i worked in a project that used Ecos-2 as operating system. the code
> work well at different linux (Ubuntu ,  Mandriva, Susu) except Fedora
> core 4 it gives segmentation faults at the begin of run or debug. i
> think the segmentation fault eccur before calling my own functon
> cyg_user_start(). this is the stack of the segmantion fault:
> l2Testing_device [C/C++ Local Application]
> gdb/mi (06/20/2007 9:29 PM) (Suspended)
> Thread [0] (Suspended: Signal 'SIGSEGV' received. Description:
> Segmentation fault.)
> 6 <symbol is not available> 0x001c0d78
> 5 <symbol is not available> 0x00000001
> 4 <symbol is not available> 0x00a52428
> 3 <symbol is not available> 0xbfdae5b0
> 2 <symbol is not available> 0x00000024
> 1 <symbol is not available> 0x00000000

This doesn't tell me anything about what you are doing, other
than "it doesn't work on Fedora".

* What source base are you using?  CVS [date]?
* How did you configure eCos to build this kernel?
* What application are you running?  Can you share?
* Have you run the standard eCos tests on this platform?

Without this information, we can't help :-(

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