[ECOS] Re: Patch for SNMP ipNetToMediaTable to return ARP entries

Tad ecos_removethispart@ds3switch.com
Wed Jun 20 12:19:00 GMT 2007

Gary Thomas wrote:
> It's nice that you keep sending these changes, but is there some reason
> you can't send a proper patch, along with ChangeLog entries?  If
> we can't apply your changes directly from a patch it takes more
> time and is prone to error (and on my part at least, will simply
> be ignored...)

This change in this case was a | to an & in a patch I had submitted 10 
minutes earlier.

My ecos has more patches than just what I send, so it's a long process 
to remove my specific patches before sending a pretty ecos-community 
patched file.

Creating a new diff would have taken me 5+ minutes.  Suggesting you 
change the patchfile I sent from a | to an & would take all of us 5 
seconds.  Sometimes those computers they use to enter a customer order 
at McDonald's are slower than shouting burger,burger,chips, 
pepsi-no-coke.  Also, you're dealing with an EE not a CS.  This is 
pretty good.

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