[ECOS] SNMP re-inits when session closed or trapsink removed -- FIX

Tad tadartis@earthlink.net
Sun Jun 17 21:41:00 GMT 2007

Andrew Lunn wrote:
> So this is not a perfect fix? What is wrong with this fix? What would
> you like to discuss about this fix? All you did was provide a fix, but
> gave us no clues as to why you have not made a proper patch.....

I guess I thought that my original comment suggested there might be a 
more appropriate fix.

> The simple fix appears to be to simply continue as if nothing 
> happened, but it's possible that snmp_select_info() never should have 
> added the closing socket to fdset in the first place. It was getting 
> very hard for me to determine whether the select was already 
> outstanding when the socket closed or whether someone didn't set a 
> proper "closing" flag that snmp_select_info() would recognize. I tried 
> updating the snmp_select_info() to rev 1.245 of the 4.2 net-snmp tree 
> which looks at closing sessions, but that didn't seem to help.

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