[ECOS] building ecos using configuration tools under windows - invalid data base

spreet singh spreetsingh@yahoo.com
Fri Jun 15 19:21:00 GMT 2007

  I am trying to build ecos using configuration tools
based on the ecos from cvs.
  I downloaded the configuration tool - 060710.exe
extracted from eCos Configuration Tool Version 2 for
windows (2006-07-10) from the net.
  When I invoke configuration tool, it comes up with
the message:
  " Error opening eCos repository - Invalid package
  Message on the configtool screen is: could not read
file "ecoscvs/ecos/packages/ecos.db"
  Looking at the path c:/cygwin/ecoscvs/ecos/packages,
there is a file ecos.db
  using the command line to query the ECOS_REPOSITORY,
it points to /ecoscvs/ecos/packages
  $ECOS_REPOSITORY shows bash:/ecoscvs/ecos/packages
  Any suggestions on how to get past this?

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