[ECOS] powerpc8270 exception management and redboot and ecos interaction

Nelly PISON npison@elios.gfi.fr
Fri Jun 15 12:07:00 GMT 2007

I use redboot and an ecos application on a powerpc 8270 board.

1 - powerpc exception management 
 I use a function _reset developped on our hardware platform that made 
an exception (parity error) : this exception provoque the hard reset of 
the 8270:can you tell me where is  the source that treat  this exception.

 the code that made this exception is:

    unsigned long hid0, int_state;

    // Need interrupts off to force checkstop
    IMM->clocks_rmr |= 0x01;  // Checkstop Reset Enable
    // Force a checkstop by turning on parity which is not implemented
    hid0 |= 0x30000000;
    while (1) ;
 2 - reboot and ecos interaction

- Where is the Dynamic memory allocation zone for redboot (if any) and 
the ecos application allocation : is that the same? ,
if yes how can this work ?
if not where can we see where is mapped the zone for each?

- Does the ecos application  call redboot after the appication is started?

If yes , What part of the ecos application can call the flash_get_config 
function with type  CONFIG_BOOL and key "info_console_force"?

 Thanks for your help

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