[ECOS] Configuring EB40A for JFFS2

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco@ix.netcom.com
Fri Jun 15 06:25:00 GMT 2007

> From: Jürgen Lambrecht
> My flash of 64MB is partitioned this way:
>     1. 0x1000_0000, 0x0004_0000 ( 256KB): RedBoot
>     2. 0x1004_0000, 0x0008_0000 ( 512KB): application
>     3. 0x100C_0000, 0x0002_0000 ( 128KB): spare
>     4. 0x100E_0000, 0x03F0_0000 (  63MB): jffs2 partition (63MB)
>     5. 0x13FE_0000, 0x0002_0000 ( 128KB): FIS directory and 
> RedBoot config
> In redboot, I create a jffs2 partition this way:
> fis create -f 0x100E0000 -l 0x03F00000 -n jffs2
> application code:
> #include <pkgconf/fs_jffs2.h>       // Address of JFFS2
>    mount ("/dev/flash1", JFFS2DIR, "jffs2"); // Initialize 
> File system (this mounts the "jffs2" partition to the mount 
> point (a directory) JFFS2DIR, "/" in my case (root))

Thanks for your help. I decided to manually divide the 32 erasable 64K
blocks into 2 for Redboot, 14 for my app, 14 for JFFS2, and 2 left over at
the top for the flash directory, configuration data and boot script. (I
suppose one would have been enough.)

I'm merely assuming that the top of the flash is where the FIS directory is
stored, because that's where it says it's reading from when I do "fis list".
I'm a little confused, though, because "fis free" shows that space to be
free. (This is an EB40A ARM7 board.)


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco@ix.netcom.com 

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