[ECOS] What function for adding delay in drivers?

Mike Sweeney msweeney77@gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 16:48:00 GMT 2007

I'm a little confused by what function to use for the purposes of
adding a delay in a driver. I see  HAL_DELAY_US() and then also
CYGACC_CALL_IF_DELAY_US() being used in different drivers. In my case
I am not running with a ROM monitor so if I use
CYGACC_CALL_IF_DELAY_US() it would use the delay_us() function in
/hal/common/current/src/hal_if.c . This confuses me because this
function seems to do something different if you include a kernel and
otherwise it just calls HAL_DELAY_US(). Is using one delay function
better than using another?


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