[ECOS] Looking for a DJ

Jerry Watson watson@blackoutband.com
Tue Jun 12 20:35:00 GMT 2007

Dear DJ,

I am the manager of the Black Out Band, a group of pre teen musicians  
who have produced a music video and song titled Video Games. The  
video and song can be seen at:

We have received more than 80 requests for the music video from DJ's  
who occasionally play teen and pre-teen events so we thought we would  
see if you might have an interest as well.

Video Games is available complimentary to DJ's as a Demo packaged in  
a Digi-Pak containing both a music video DVD and a CD mastered  
specifically for DJ's with the following:

1. Video Games - Regular radio and DJ play version
2. Video Games - Extended mix show edit
3. Video Games - Karaoke version
4. Louie Louie - Bonus track for DJ's receiving requests for more  
Black Out songs.

Although the song is on iTunes and beginning to show up on radio  
station playlists, the real popularity is among DJ's playing  
elementary, middle and high school parties.  We have had positive  
feedback from DJ's playing the music video at college parties but  
most are only experimenting at that level.

We are primarily interested in establishing the bands teen fan base  
so are willing to send you the Music Video DVD and CD single royalty  
free if you would consider including it in your teen party playlist.

To receive a Demo for trying out with your Teen and Pre-Teen groups,  
simply REPLY to this email with your contact details.  Or, if you  
prefer, you can download MP3's at http://www.blackoutband.com/djonly

If this does not fit your product mix, thanks anyway for your time  
and consideration.

If you know another DJ who might consider this offer, please forward  
this email to them.

To 0pt out, reply to this email and let me know.

Jerry Watson
Black Out Band
850 Dolley Madison Boulevard
McLean, VA 22101
Phone: 703-749-3131

PS Be sure and REPLY to this email with your address if you would  
like a complimentary Demo to try at you teen or pre-teen events.

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