[ECOS] atHTTP hangs connections on select() errors

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Mon Jun 11 23:06:00 GMT 2007

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Tad wrote:
> athttp often locks up resources and never frees them if select() returns
> an error.
> A robust implementation of athttp will want to change the main
> cyg_httpd_daemon listen() loop so that
> cyg_httpd_close_unused_sockets(listener); is called regardless of the
> return value from the listen() call.  Otherwise, errors from listen()
> will prevent all connections (possibly causing the errors) from ever
> timing out and being shut down.  The system will quickly run out of
> sockets, as all will be left in the ESTABLISHED state.  Not theoretical,
> fairly easy to get listen() to return errors.
> Also see my post about athttp hanging in accept() when out of sockets if
> attempting a robust port.

This is a community project - you'll only get out of it what you
want to put [back] into it.  So, instead of sending multiple nagging
emails [about the same thing], why not propose some patches?  You've
obviously looked at the code, docs, etc - it seems only fair that
you help out.

Persistent complaining without pitching in will probably just
turn folks ears deaf...

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