[ECOS] Question: Banked FLASH

Sergei Gavrikov w3sg@SoftHome.net
Sun Jun 10 11:01:00 GMT 2007


Thank you! I appreciate your underlying ideas. I will try to finalize
that issue.


Andrew Lunn wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 04:51:23PM +0300, Sergei Gavrikov wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Does exist a way (like FLASH_P2V macro) to manage flash banking using
> > _generic_PIO_? I have 1 part of the solid 2M Intel 28fxxx flash, but I
> > cannot use A20 line in a address mode. That line is a generic PIO line.
> > Should I copy a generic 28fxxx driver code in my hal/devs/flash and
> > tweak that source or there is more elegant way in eCos flash devices
> > world?
> There is no existing solution to this that i know of.
> The flash_v2 branch has some interesting possibilities. It supports
> multiple flash drivers in a flexible way. It also supports a form of
> virtual addresses. So with the V2 branch you could have the 28fxxx
> driver at the physical address of the flash, and it would drive which
> ever bank is currently mapped in. On top of that you have a virtual
> driver which implements the full 2M address range but at a different
> address. It would set the GPIO line as appropriate and then pass
> requests onto the physical driver, mapping the addresses as
> appropriate.
> If you do decide to implement this, it would be great to have it
> contributed back. It should be possible to make the virtual driver
> generic with a hardware specific package which implements the bank
> manipulation function. I can help with the design and testing. It is
> something i thought about doing a while ago, but never got around to.
>           Andrew

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