[ECOS] Delay in procesing packet across the BSD stack -

Alok Singh aloks@broadcom.com
Sat Jun 2 15:14:00 GMT 2007

I'll submit the changes shortly.

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Alok Singh wrote:
> My network support thread is running at priority 7.

Please send a patch so we can see what you've actually done.
Also, a full description of how to duplicate the failure would be good.

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> Andrew,
> I don't say it's a bug, but worth while to take a look at. My problem
> solved, when I made certain modifications in BSD stack. 
> In ether_demux(), we call schednetisr(NETISR_IP) for IP packet( or for
> that matter for any type of packet) before enqueuing the packet, by
> of calling IF_ENQUEUE(inq, m). ENQUEUE will be done only at the end of
> the ether_demux().  So cyg_netint() waiting via cyg_flag_wait() will
> come alive, and calls corresponding ISR, that is ipintr() for our
> It will try to dequeue the packet, but finds none, because enqueue is
> not done still.
> I changed the logic to call schednetisr() after enqueuing the packet.
> And things work fine.
> Now it is really strange why others don't see the problem. May be some
> other conditions match for others, that don't match for me.
> But I think what I'm doing is logical correct. Am I allowed to make
> these changes to my ecos??
> regards,
> Alok
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> On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 04:30:00AM +0530, Alok Singh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm seeing a strange problem on my Box.? I'm using Free BSD stack.
> issue is that when I send icmp requests from a single client to the
> the stack doesn't respond in time.? But when I start sending icmp
> requests from another client, the stack starts sending 100% ICMP echo
> replies.? I'm currently debugging the system. I've seen that if I send
> echo requests very slowly, then invariably client times out. When I
> icmp request from another client, it sorts of kick something in the
> stack, and the echo reply to the previous request packet also comes
> ??
>> I'm debugging the system. But if you have some suggestions for me,
> me know.
> Check your interrupts are working correctly. It sounds like you are
> loosing interrupts, probably TX complete, so the next packet is not
> getting sent until the next RX happens.
>         Andrew

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