[ECOS] Re: diag_printf via serial port

Alexey Shusharin mrfinch@mail.ru
Fri Jun 1 16:35:00 GMT 2007

Sergei Gavrikov wrote:
> Alexey, with a default eCos settings the eCos 'examples/twothreads'
> works without any tricks. You have to agree that is a bit complex test
> than your.

Hello Sergei,

Of course, I tryed to run twothreads example. Moreover, I simplifyed it 
  and got my test. Twothreads does't work on my board (via serial). :-(

It's strange, that your board works via serial. Maybe in your 
configuration interrupt driven serial driver is enabled. It overwrites 
variant implementation. In that case, my board works too. But, it 
doesn't matter now.

Thanks for replying. :-)

Best regards
Alexey Shusharin

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