[ECOS] System hangs after context switch

Georg Brutscheid gbrutscheid@web.de
Fri Jun 1 11:56:00 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I am working on  a mpc860 hardware derived from the viper board and I use a debugger to 
step through the code. I have flashed a redboot image on the board. Then I loaded a simple 
application via SMC1 into  the RAM. 
Now, when I try to start the application with the “go” command, the system hangs.
The problem occurs in the function hal_thread_load_context() during the processing of the 
macro hal_cpu_int_merge.  The external and decrementer interrupt bit in the MSR Reg. will 
be enabled here. After the external interrupt is enabled and I perform a single step with the 
debugger the system starts running and I am not able to stop or break. All interrupts except 
the SMC1 are masked at this point. 
If the EE-bit in the MSR Reg. is not enabled here, the example application starts und runs. 
Unfortunately, as long as the EE-bit is not set, cyg_thread_delay() ,,,, doesn't  work. Can
anyone help to solve this problem.

Thanks and Regards    
                               Georg Brutscheid

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