[ECOS] ixdp425 w/ Spansion Flash

Semeraro, Greg gsemeraro@vanteon.com
Tue Jul 31 19:09:00 GMT 2007

I'm trying to build RedBoot v2.04 for the ixdp425 development board but
with a Spansion (AMD) Flash - we have a board with the same design but
with a 29SGL512N flash instead of the Intel Strata flash.  All I need to
do (I think) is add the flash_amd_am29xxxxx (or flash_amd_am29xxxxx_v2)
package and remove the flash_ixdp425 and strata packages.  I have tried
in vain to do this.  If I add the flash_amd_am29xxxxx package I get
unresolved references (to flash_lock, flash_unlock, etc) - this makes
sense to me because there is not src directory in that dev subtree for
the package.  If I use flash_amd_am29xxxxx_v2 I get many, many
compilation errors as if it is not including a header or there are
#defines that are not defined.  I have never used RedBoot before and the
entire build / configuration process has been stumped.  I can build the
default RedBoot from the Intel website.  I thought I was doing the right
thing by removing the packages I don't need and adding the package that
I do need but apparently there is more to it than that.  Any assistance
would be greatly appreciated.



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