[ECOS] Re: PowerPC FEC doesn't ping

Rick Davis rickdavisjr@comcast.net
Sun Jul 29 15:33:00 GMT 2007

I'd also check you MAC address setup. Usually Unicast MAC addresses start
with 0x00. Yours is starting with 0x7c:0x71.


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Tales Toledo wrote:
> On 7/27/07, Tales Toledo <toledo.tales@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there some additional special cdl_option for FEC?
>> I can get ** FEC Info: PHY LINK already UP \n message from redboot
>> boot, configure ip_addresses, but I can get a reply from host or even
>> reply its requests because FEC can't send packages (I have checked
>> with wireshark).
> I also check TXD0 close to phy with an oscilloscope and seems that
> PowerPC FEC (hw is fine because it works with another sw) doesn't
> transmit any package.
> I can see the debug messages at redboot console
> RedBoot> ping -h
> Ethernet send:
> 0000545C: FF FF FF FF FF FF 7C 71  43 A6 7C 92 08 06
|......|qC.|...  |
> Ethernet send:
> 0000545C: FF FF FF FF FF FF 7C 71  43 A6 7C 92 08 06
|......|qC.|...  |
> Ethernet send:
> 0000545C: FF FF FF FF FF FF 7C 71  43 A6 7C 92 08 06
|......|qC.|...  |
> Is there some low level debug for FEC driver to address this issue?

Check your I/O port configuration - this is different
for every processor (852 vs 87x vs ...).  If it's not
right, the FEC will not be connected to the outside

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