[ECOS] Creating a file in JFFS2 within FIS

Alok Singh aloks@broadcom.com
Mon Jul 23 23:16:00 GMT 2007

You can find the sample test code at:
mount( CYGDAT_IO_FLASH_BLOCK_DEVICE_NAME_1, "/", "jffs2" );

will work. Look for CYGDAT_IO_FLASH_BLOCK_DEVICE_NAME_1 in your ecos.ecc
file. It will "/dev/flash1", or something. 

CYGDAT_IO_FLASH_BLOCK_DEVICE_NAME_1 is the device that will be mounted.

"/" is fine. This will be your current default directory.


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> From: Alok Singh [mailto:aloks@broadcom.com] 
> "/dev/flash" is independent of any file-system. It is a 
> facility provided to do block write and read to/from the 
> flash device, just like any other file, using "open". Flash 
> filesystem is built on top of this
> basic flash driver.   
> Jffs2 has to be explicitly mounted, to make it work.
> Also note that it is mentioned somewhere in the code that if 
> 'dev/flash" is blank, then the code will automatically create 
> a jffs2 partition on it. But I'm not very sure about that. 
> Please verify it once.

Okay, thanks, but what are the correct mount() parameters? I'm not a
Unix/Linux person, so I'm not familiar with the usual semantics of
What is "/dev/flash/fis/jffs2"? Is that my "device name", the thing that
gets mounted? Do I then specify an arbitrary folder to mount it at,
just "/" since this is the only file system I've got?


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