[ECOS] Difference between "go" on Script and manual enter?

Sergei Gavrikov w3sg@SoftHome.net
Mon Jul 23 20:05:00 GMT 2007

On Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 01:25:10PM +0900, ariga masahiro wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Since I posted first question about Script "go" not going well
> (I re_post it below),
> I am still in a terrible predicament.
> So,I beseech you again to help me.
> I post since-then-found information.
> I examined "go 0x8c010000" manually and on Script.
> I traced do_go(int argc, char *argv[]) function in main.c in both cases.
> I checked that arguments are the same in both cases.
> Both traces same-routed until these critical points,
> ---
>    // set up a temporary context that will take us to the trampoline
>    HAL_THREAD_INIT_CONTEXT((CYG_ADDRESS)workspace_end, entry, 
> go_trampoline, 0);
>    // switch context to trampoline
>    HAL_THREAD_SWITCH_CONTEXT(&go_saved_context, &workspace_end);
> ---
> and I found that all arguments are same in both cases,
> that in case of manual execution,when execute HAL_THREAD_SWITCH_CONTEXT, 
> apllication run like
> previously posted output,whereas on Script execution,it hangs and nothing 
> appeares.
> My questions are, are there any factors to not run properly 
> in case of Script- "go"- execution.
> I appreciate any help.


...Let's pass RedBoot. Does the minimal eCos test (it calls itself
`context') built for ROM startup work or it hangs too? The test is built
for ROM startup will starts at once, so that is the same condition like
you run application using RedBoot's script




	ecosconfig new <your_target> <minimal|default|net>
	cat <<__eof >ROMSTARTUP.ecm
	cdl_component CYG_HAL_STARTUP {user_value ROM};
	ecosconfig import ROMSTARTUP.ecm
	ecosconfig resolve
	ecosconfig tree
	make -s
	make -C hal/common/current TESTS=tests/context tests


	`-- hal
	    `-- common
		`-- current
			`-- context

Try to run the `context' test is built using the _different_ eCos
templates (minimal/default/net). Will you get the equal results?


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