[ECOS] Re: Waiting I/O operation

Uwe Kindler uwe_kindler@web.de
Mon Jul 23 05:53:00 GMT 2007


I agree with Alexey. Normally a driver should work without kernel. But 
if some functions in the driver require kernel, you can force this 
configuration in driver CDL. I.e. the CAN I/O driver timed wait 
operations already require a kernel. So I think it is O.K. to provide 
callback functions if they are configurable via CDL.

It is up to the application engineer to use an allowed synchronization 
in the callback function provided by the application. If the kernel is 
present, then cyg_flag_setbits() should work. And if someone does not 
like this, then he can disable callback (should be the default 
configuration in CDL) and use 2 threads instead.

Regards, Uwe

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