[ECOS] Thread activation disturbed by lower priority threads

Alois Z. alois@gmx.at
Fri Jul 20 09:35:00 GMT 2007


In a larger project I have a problem when doing a timed activation of threads.

In the timer alarm handler I check if any thread is ready for activation and post on a semaphore the thread is waiting for.

This works fine when I have only one or two such timed threads the activation jitter of the thread (i.e. the jitter when the threads starts its execution) is ok. But when I add more threads this jitter grows tremendously. Each thread has an own priority. And event the thread with with the highest priority (in my case 2) has this large jitter (more than half of the cycle time).

Is there a way to improve the behavior of the activation. Do I the timed activation the wrong way. Can I improve the timing behavior of the scheduler through the real-time clock settings.

By the way I use the multilevel scheduler.

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