Micheal Huntley michealhuntley01@yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 16 18:31:00 GMT 2007

Micheal Huntley
U.B.S Group Consultant

I have contacted you in the hope that you can be my
associate to assume the new recipent of a Fixed-Income deposit 
Once I file in your name as the new recipent the
funds will be approved through the AUTOMATED CLEARING HOUSE (ACH) - A
facility used by financial institutions to distribute electronic debit and credit entries to
bank accounts and settle such entries. Under the automated
clearinghouse system, banks exchange checks and drafts drawn upon each other and
settle their daily balances .

Credit advice will be issued in your favor and
the funds will clear your account within three
banking days. 

I hope you will be honest enough to observe my share
inspite of the funds coming through your account.
Micheal Huntley
U.B.S. Group Consultant

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