[ECOS] i386 and vmware

Meiring, H, Mnr <meiring@sun.ac.za> meiring@sun.ac.za
Mon Jul 16 09:20:00 GMT 2007


I am setting up ecos (firstly redboot) under vmware but encountered some problems. I intend to use only the serial com for debugging etc.
I am using the latest ecos sources, gcc version 3.21 and vmware version 5.0.0.

I set up ecos redboot with the template for i386 pc – vmware, imported the redboot_floppy.ecm, and selected the do not use BootP check box and succesfully compiled to a *.bin. 
I then converted the binary file with “ dd conv=sync if=redboot.bin of=redboot.floppy bs=1440k”. When I did this to a stiffy and then boot directly from it, it works correctly, but under vmware when I chose to boot from the “redboot.floppy” file it just displays a sequence of never ending dots. The same result for the pre-built binary on cvs.

My vmware setup is as follows:
I select new virtual machine with custom setup. 
Workstation 5 type VM.(legacy). 
Guest operating system = other linux. 
Recommended memory settings. 
Use host only networking. 
SCSI adapters - buslogic
            Virtual disk type – SCSI

I read that all the IDE devices in vmware must be removed, I did this but no joy.
Any advice? Or should I just try a differant vmware version?

Hendrik Meiring
Stellenbosch University

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