[ECOS] IPMI driver for KCS interface

David Fernandez david.fernandez@trafficmaster.co.uk
Thu Jul 12 07:16:00 GMT 2007

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> Hello Laurie,
> > I'm not an IPMI expert, but it appears to me that IPMI is basically
> > communications protocol rather than a hardware driver.
> > Is that how you view it?
> Yes, IPMI as I suppose is in general method of comunication with
> Management Controller - BMC ( from side of System Management Software
> SMS )
> but KCS is kind of interface beetwen BMC and SMS (sorry for this
> shortcut but this is a part of IPMI terminology) and my doubts are
> connected
> with method of comunication from user application to BMD through KCS
> driver.
> IPMI specification defined other interfaces what force on developer
> implementing universal interface to IPMI.
> Best regards,
> jezry

Hi there,

I've ported the Linux IPMI driver to Solaris some time ago.

I think you can just base your IPMI driver in the I2C driver if you were
going to use SMIC interface, I'm not so familiar with KCS, as it is very
slow interface and because of that is normally discarded in most
systems, in addition, most Intel chipsets have a BMC based on the SMIC
interface anyway.

Anyway, it is not very difficult to do the driver from scratch by just
looking at the standard if you intent to support just one interface and
don't have any intentions of offering very differentiated kernel and
user mode APIs.


 Trafficmaster, Plc.
David Fernandez
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