[ECOS] dhcp fails on second ethernet port

Daniel Paape dpaape@amtelco.com
Fri Jul 6 16:35:00 GMT 2007


I'm running eCos2.1 on a MIPS variant (w/ bsd_tcip) and am having some trouble getting the second Ethernet port to configure via DHCP.  Both ports are connected to the same switch.  Eth0 has a statically configured ( address while eth1 is set to configure from a DHCP server providing 192.168.20.x addresses.  If I reverse the assignments (eth0 DHCP & eth1 static) the ports work fine.  I am not calling 'init_all_networks()' rather, I call (what I believe to be) the common init code 'cyg_net_init()' and then by way of two threads each associated with a specific port, " call 'dhcp_config(port)' or 'init_net("ethx", &bootp_data)'.

When the second port attempts DHCP, the DISCOVER packets never make it out onto the wire, which I believe is due to the variable 'isbcast' in the 'ip_output routine evaluating to zero as a consequence of the RTF_HOST flag being set.  It's as if -any- established route interferes with subsequent DHCP configuration.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be occurring?

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