[ECOS] Legacy Flash implementation (was: Re: [ECOS] Build fails after CVS update)

Rutger Hofman rutger@cs.vu.nl
Fri Jul 6 10:37:00 GMT 2007

Rutger Hofman wrote:
>> Rutger Hofman wrote:
>>> I updated to the most recent version of the CVS list; the previous
>>> checkout was from last february, not too long ago; but I ran into some
>>> problems:
>>> = the Legacy Flash stuff has disappeared, but I use it (I think I might
>>> be the only user, but still!).

> The ... problem is with the flash stuff. The "Legacy API" flash 
> ... won't compile.
> What is the best way to tackle this? What is the quickest way to tackle 
> this? I don't really want to port our vendor's flash implementation to the 
> newer flash implementation. Is there a way that I can easily restore the 
> legacy API stuff?

A week ago, I asked this. I think it has escaped the attention of the 
list. Right now, to keep things alive I had to revert to my previous 
eCos checkout. I would really like to upgrade to bleeding-edge CVS (e.g. 
I want to add my external RTC chip, DS1339, which is driven via I2C, but 
the I2C interface has changed/improved meanwhile).

How would I go about upgrading? Our vendor has provided Flash drivers 
but they speak the old Legacy API. Would it be a breeze to convert them 
to the newer Flash API? Or would it be easier to try to reinstate a 
Legacy portability layer, with maybe symbol name changes in our vendor's 
code to avoid name conflicts?

Rutger Hofman
VU Amsterdam

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