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ERMX Grabs Edge Of US Trade With China And Moves Into Nitride Devices!

EntreMetrix Inc. (ERMX)

Congress's push to increase trade agreements with China gives ERMX huge
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on ERMX Monday!

They said it was like cream cheese or something on there. That's why he
pisses in the jug. Howard didn't pay any attention to that and asked
Riley about the pissing into the gallon jug in front of his producer on
the show.

Howard tried to listen to one more but it was just so horrible he had to
turn it off. Howard asked Riley what was up with that.
Steve said he made a decision and had to stick by it. Eric said he's not
and he wouldn't have graduated from high school if he was retarded.
They'll be talking to Will about the letter he wrote years ago that got
him on the show. Bob said that people are coming down and talking to
them out there.
Howard said the look of KatFarm.

He said he wanted to make that song the ringer on his phone. Trump was
disgusted by that. Barbara talks about how she wanted Rosie to stay and
Howard thinks that Rosie has Barbara scared.
He showed it to Howard and he said that it looked like Eric the Midget
had shot his load on it.
He said he's seen people pissing on other people's heads on his TV show
so he doesn't see what the big deal is.
He said that there are some flashing graphics on the site that put you
in a trance after a few minutes.

He went off on her for grabbing her crotch and saying ''eat me'' to him
up on stage in front of a bunch of young ladies.
''Why do you piss in a jug?

Steve said he didn't know he was gay for a long time and didn't know
that he was depressed either.

Eric The Midget's Idol Update. Howard spent a short time talking to
Sal's son about his father pushing him into liking the band KISS. Larry
was asking him a bunch of questions about his niece but Stephen was
refusing to talk about any of those things. Robin said she needs a new
alarm in her house so that might work. He said that there are some
flashing graphics on the site that put you in a trance after a few

Artie told him that he doesn't know anymore.
Howard asked Steve where he met this new chick.
Steve said that being gay isn't something a guy should be depressed
about and certainly not kill himself over it. He described the cartoon
that was in the paper and how big Rosie looked. She went through a few
stories and then Howard took a call from a guy who claims that he works
for American Idol as the crowd warm up. Eric said it hurts when he
brushes his teeth.
Steve said he and Vince disagreed over some stuff that they were going
to be doing and he had to back out of the job. That led to the guys
talking about how Vince and Hulk aren't getting along these days because
Hulk is involved with some other wrestling group. Howard said he gets
that kind of question from his parents too so he just makes up answers.

Riley joked that he had pissed in his water cooler. Howard had Eric the
Midget on the phone to ask the question he wanted to ask. Steve said he
probably won't be stepping back into the ring but he may be there to be
part of it in some way.

Larry asked him what he could talk about. She even has music out now so
Howard told the guys to get that to him quickly. He's a reporter who
actually saw Riley pissing in a jug in a garage near SIRIUS. Howard read
some feedback about him going off on Gary yesterday morning. They have
him talking about liking his ''boyfriend's hole'' and other gay stuff.
He said he knows that it's tough to get into the business and he knows
he was lucky to have that relationship with Vince.
Howard had some audio clips of Trump talking about her and he slipped
and almost said that Rosie ''grabbed her co.

Steve wasn't really getting into that either. A phone caller brought up
the Donald Trump bit they did in the WWE recently. He said he thinks
that Steve can be called ''Stone Cold'' again now that Vince McMahon has
let up on him a little bit.
Steve jokingly said he did do that and did get turned down.

Howard let him go and had Robin get back to her news. Howard read an
e-mail about Artie being on Entourage this coming Sunday night. He said
that after Sanjaya was voted off, they were all told not to talk about
him anymore.

'' Trump was talking to Larry King about it and he was saying that he
thinks that ABC wanted her out and that's why she's not coming back.

Steve said that the movie will do fine and he can't imagine it falling
flat on it's face. He also brought up Madonna who was on the show. A
phone caller brought up the Donald Trump bit they did in the WWE
recently. Howard let Steve go and had Jon Hein come in.

He spent a minute talking about how tough it is to get into the business
and to keep it going so you really have to try and hold on to your money
when you do hit big.

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