[ECOS] network problem

John Mills johnmills@speakeasy.net
Wed Aug 29 19:12:00 GMT 2007

Hello -

In response (solidarity?) to Rick Davis problems of progressive
deterioration of network communications. I had a similar-sounding problme
and traced it to a disconnect between 'tcp_input.c:tcp_input()' and
'uipc_socket.c:sofree()'. I am about to post my patch on the
'ecos-patches' mailing list, which will be my first post there. Please let
me know if this is not appropriate use of the respective lists, and I
naturally welcome technical suggestions as well.

Thanks for your past help, and I look forward to future participation.

John Mills
AirDefense, Inc.
Alpharetta, GA

On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Rick Davis wrote:

> John,
> Thanks for the information. On my product it is also the web that is being
> pounded on and dying. The telnet was used to verify the error. Do you know
> if there is a way to return these "stale TCP connection records" to the
> pool? Did you find a fix to the problem? I'm not a network stack expert at
> all.
> Thanks again,
> Rick Davis

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