[ECOS] network problem

Rick Davis rickdavisjr@comcast.net
Tue Aug 28 18:42:00 GMT 2007


Thanks for the information. On my product it is also the web that is being
pounded on and dying. The telnet was used to verify the error. Do you know
if there is a way to return these "stale TCP connection records" to the
pool? Did you find a fix to the problem? I'm not a network stack expert at

Thanks again,
Rick Davis

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Rick -

I have just run to ground a problem with very similar symptoms. It turned
out that the 'socket' pool ("zone") was depleted by unrecoverable, stale
TCP connection records. I tracked this down by adding a counter for
allocated/ deallocated data structures from that pool and diagnostic
printouts of the count as sockets were allocated or freed. Though we
noticed the problem with web inquiries, it turned out to have other
effects - like your inability to open a 'telnet' connection.

As I understand eCos 'zones', each is initially allocated a fixed memory
block based on the size of a specific data structure and the number of
such structures they are expected to provide. Thus a simple counter will
reflect where you stand with respect to a particular pool's capacity and
you probably don't have to dig into the zone alloc/dealloc mechanism.


 - John Mills 

DISCLAIMER: I'm a relative beginner with eCos.

On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Rick Davis wrote:

> Andrew,
> After I sent the e-mail this morning, it stopped working in another way.
> http stopped responding but pings still worked. I have a simple telnet
> server on my application and it was failing trying to bind with "Try again
> later". In_pcbbind was failing because in_pcbinshash was failing
> it couldn't MALLOC memory. I turned on fancy asserts and tracing and am
> testing again. It usually take 12 Hrs or more to fail. In_pcbhash MALLOCs
> from the network pool so I am monitoring that. Any ideas why the network
> pool would run out of memory? Can it get fragmented?
> Thanks,
> Rick Davis

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