[ECOS] network problem

Rick Davis rickdavisjr@comcast.net
Tue Aug 28 16:29:00 GMT 2007


After I sent the e-mail this morning, it stopped working in another way.
http stopped responding but pings still worked. I have a simple telnet
server on my application and it was failing trying to bind with "Try again
later". In_pcbbind was failing because in_pcbinshash was failing indicating
it couldn't MALLOC memory. I turned on fancy asserts and tracing and am
testing again. It usually take 12 Hrs or more to fail. In_pcbhash MALLOCs
from the network pool so I am monitoring that. Any ideas why the network
pool would run out of memory? Can it get fragmented?

Rick Davis

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> I guess I need to submit a patch because this issue is still in the latest
> eCos repository which I am getting ready to use the latest eCos for a new
> project/processor.

Please do submit a patch. 


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