[ECOS] AXIOM CME555 Redboot FLASH Memory Read Problems

Mike Pashea mpashea@hotmail.com
Fri Aug 24 17:24:00 GMT 2007

Hi All,

I have questions regarding problems with Redboot crashing on a CME-555 
platform when using FLASH memory support. The symptoms appear to be the same 
as the problem described by Miguel Vega in his posts, but I havenÂ’t found 
any follow-up posts from him describing whether he found any solution(s).

IÂ’ve modified am29xxxxx_parts.inl to include the AM29LV400 device and 
Redboot successfully recognizes the device ID and completes the FLASH 

However, it crashes when memcpy() is used to copy the Redboot configuration 
data in load_flash_config() located in flash.c.

IÂ’ve used gdb to investigate this crash and have found that the problem 
always occurs on a read from FLASH. If I try to examine the memory location 
with gdb, I receive the message “Cannot access at address 0x880000”. Yet, a 
read of 0x880001 returns the proper data.

Has anyone else come across this, and is there a solution? Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.

Mike Pashea

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