[ECOS] Getting started with ecos

Scott Moore smoore@powerfile.com
Wed Aug 22 18:14:00 GMT 2007

Hi, I just went through the install process. Can I make
A small suggestion?

The install instructions at:


Don't actually work. Getting the current cygwin install, then
Installing the ecos source, etc, in exactly the order specified,
Will result in a config tool (graphical and command line) that
Has a bug that has (apparently) existed since 2003. Its true
that after looking around the ecoscentric links provided, I was
able to correct this, but after some waste of time.

I realize that work on ECOS has stopped, and perhaps creating a
Version that works with the current cygwin distribution might not
Be in the cards. However, would it not make sense to make it clear
On the instruction page above that you have to go get a fixed
Version of config to make it work?


Scott Moore

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