[ECOS] Spi enable problem

sandip sandip@masibus.com
Wed Aug 22 03:43:00 GMT 2007

I want to enable my SPI bus in SAM7XEK board.

In configuration tool SPI driver package CYGPKG_DEVS_SPI_ARM_AT91 can not
get enabled.
I know that I have to add package for
generic SPI. But when I am trying to add package from windows based
configuration tool through build ----> packages and trying to add generic
SPI package it is prompting that " Add and Remove hardware packages by
selecting a new hardware template ".

And another way is through Tools---->Administration. When I am going
to Add generic SPI package it is asking for .epk file to be opened. I
searched in my local drives that there is no such extension file is

So, how can I add this package to my configuration. I think this is
the same problem for Ethernet also.




Masibus Process Instruments (P) Ltd, Gandhinagar, India

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