[ECOS] flash v2 branch changes

Mike Sweeney msweeney77@gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 00:10:00 GMT 2007

On 8/8/07, Gary Thomas <gary@mlbassoc.com> wrote:
> Mike Sweeney wrote:
> > Can someone give me a brief summary of how the flash v2 branch differs
> > from the trunk code? I spent some time looking at the trunk code only
> > to realize that there is also a v2 branch. I want to use jffs2 on a
> > NAND flash device. Reading through some of the discussions on this
> > list there was some work being done to support this. Is this supported
> > by the v2 code? I can port my NAND driver, but I am wondering if the
> > flash API has been modified for NAND flash devices.
> AFAIK, the v2 branch doesn't hold these secrets :-)
> FYI, I looked into adding NAND+JFFS2 support some time ago and
> gave up after spending about 3 weeks trying to get it going...
> It might be easier now (the NAND stuff in JFFS2 has changed
> quite a bit, but you'll have to re-port/import the changes
> into eCos as our version is quite ancient)

Thanks for the info, Gary. I'm going to grab the v2 stuff now and take
a look since I can't access CVS at work. I think I recall reading a
message from you on the list where you were excited to take on the
NAND+JFFS2 support :).

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