[ECOS] Compiling ARM designed program for x86

Champion Jérôme Jerome.Champion@he-arc.ch
Tue Aug 7 12:44:00 GMT 2007

I've been using eCos for making some applications for the Atmel AT91M55800A processor. ( With the Atmel AT91EB55 evaluation card ).
I've followed some tutorial, and it work quite well.
But is there an easy way to compile my programs for my computer ( it's a standard x86 with linux ) and test it locally ? Because it take a lot of time to upload the program to the card each time I make a little modification, and I only use printf, some timer/alarm, semaphore/mailbox. I don't use leds or switch.
I've tried to mimic how I've made with the ARM processor :
Download eCos for x86
Make a profile for x386 in configtool, build the library.
then build my source with this command : 
i386-elf-gcc -g -I /home/champioj/Projet/data/x86/x86_install/include /home/champioj/Projet/Perso/testes/helloworld/helloworld.c -L /home/champioj/Projet/data/x86/x86_install/lib -T target.ld -nostdlib
It make the file "a.out". But now I don't know what to do with it. 
With the ARM, the target was /dev/ttyS0 because I used the serial port. But now what is it ?
Or it's the wrong way and I can't do that because I need Redboot ?

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