[ECOS] change baudrate problem

sandip sandip@masibus.com
Sat Aug 4 07:00:00 GMT 2007

dear all,
here i send my code in which i want to cahnge  baudrate but not chnging.
my confusion is     err = cyg_io_lookup( "/dev/haldiag", &handle );
right now i am communication in debug port in sam7x board.
how to change com port?
my code 
#include <stdio.h>                      /* printf */
#include <string.h>                     /* strlen */
#include <cyg/kernel/kapi.h>            /* All the kernel specific stuff */
#include <cyg/io/io.h>                  /* I/O functions */
#include <cyg/hal/hal_arch.h>           /* CYGNUM_HAL_STACK_SIZE_TYPICAL */
#include <cyg/io/serialio.h>
#define NTHREADS 1
static cyg_handle_t thread[NTHREADS];
 cyg_uint32 i;
static cyg_thread thread_obj[NTHREADS];
static char stack[NTHREADS][STACKSIZE];
static void simple_prog(CYG_ADDRESS data)
    cyg_io_handle_t handle;
    Cyg_ErrNo err;
    const char test_string[] = "hi sandip patel here how r u ?\n";
    cyg_uint32 len = strlen(test_string);
    err = cyg_io_lookup( "/dev/haldiag", &handle );

     cyg_serial_info_t si;
     i = sizeof(si);
     cyg_io_get_config( handle, CYG_IO_GET_CONFIG_SERIAL_INFO, &si, &i);

       si.baud = CYGNUM_SERIAL_BAUD_38400;
       si.stop = CYGNUM_SERIAL_STOP_1;
       si.parity = CYGNUM_SERIAL_PARITY_NONE;
       si.word_length = CYGNUM_SERIAL_WORD_LENGTH_8;
       si.flags = CYGNUM_SERIAL_FLOW_NONE;
     cyg_io_set_config(handle, CYG_IO_SET_CONFIG_SERIAL_INFO, &si, &i);
   cyg_io_write( handle, test_string, &len ); 

    printf("Starting serial example\n");
if (ENOERR == err) 
        printf("Found /dev/haldiag. Writing string....\n");
    printf("sandip patel");
void cyg_user_start(void)
    cyg_thread_create(4, simple_prog, (cyg_addrword_t) 0, "serial",
                      (void *)stack[0], STACKSIZE, &thread[0],


Sandip L. Patel.



Masibus Process Instruments (P) Ltd, Gandhinagar, India

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