[ECOS] fconfig data disappears

Semeraro, Greg gsemeraro@vanteon.com
Thu Aug 2 16:56:00 GMT 2007

I have created a target for my board based on the ixdp425 platform (my
board is the same except that it has a Spansion FLASH instead of the
Intel Strata FLASH).  Redboot seems to be working except that I cannot
get my fconfig data to be retained in flash (I can use the fis write
command to write any data to any flash location successfully - thanks
Andrew Lunn!).  When I boot the board I get the message indicating a
"FLASH configuration checksum error" as expected.  Before running
fconfig I look into RAM and see the data at the address that will be the
source of the flash write operation (0x0FFD3000).  After running fconfig
and answering yes to the update question at the end both the source
address and the FLASH address contains all 0xFF.  One thing that I
noticed is that the data at 0x0FFD3000 is *not* also at the SDRAM
aliased addresses of 0x1FFD3000, 0x2FFD3000 or 0x3FFD3000 as I would
expect.  The data at the lowest address of SDRAM does show up at the
aliased addresses.  I *think* that means that the memory map definitions
are not correct but have not changed any of the SDRAM definitions from
the ixdp425 platform.  Can anyone point me to the place where I might
see what is wrong?


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