[ECOS] ixdp425 w/ Spansion Flash

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Wed Aug 1 12:40:00 GMT 2007

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 03:08:43PM -0400, Semeraro, Greg wrote:
> I'm trying to build RedBoot v2.04 for the ixdp425 development board but
> with a Spansion (AMD) Flash - we have a board with the same design but
> with a 29SGL512N flash instead of the Intel Strata flash.  All I need to
> do (I think) is add the flash_amd_am29xxxxx (or flash_amd_am29xxxxx_v2)
> package and remove the flash_ixdp425 and strata packages.  I have tried
> in vain to do this.  If I add the flash_amd_am29xxxxx package I get
> unresolved references (to flash_lock, flash_unlock, etc) - this makes
> sense to me because there is not src directory in that dev subtree for
> the package.  If I use flash_amd_am29xxxxx_v2 I get many, many
> compilation errors as if it is not including a header or there are
> #defines that are not defined.  I have never used RedBoot before and the
> entire build / configuration process has been stumped.  I can build the
> default RedBoot from the Intel website.  I thought I was doing the right
> thing by removing the packages I don't need and adding the package that
> I do need but apparently there is more to it than that.  Any assistance
> would be greatly appreciated.

This is using the Intel fork?

You actually need a little more than removing the Strata driver and
adding the AMD driver. Each flash driver is made up of two
parts. There is the generic part and a hardware specific part. The
hardware specific part tells the generic part where the flash is in
memory, many devices there are, how wide the memory bus is etc. 

So you need to write a package which contains the hardware specific
parts for the AMD flash. For an example, take a look at
packages/devs/flash/arm/phycore/current in the official eCos

The missing flash_lock and flash_unlock problem should also go away
when you have the system correctly configured. 


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