[ECOS] Making eCos Configuration Tool on FreeBSD 6.1

Jack Twilley jmt@twilley.org
Mon Sep 25 22:57:00 GMT 2006

Jack Twilley wrote:
> The work I mentioned has already been done, as you pointed out.  The 
> ecos-tool port is already in ports, and I've installed it.  Only one 
> snag in using it that I can see -- it assumes "make" is GNU make.  How 
> can I tell it to use "gmake" instead?

I was horribly unclear and I apologize.

I have built the tool and can use the graphical interface.  I load my 
.ecc file and attempt to compile, and the tool shows this command being 

sh -c "export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH; unset GDBTK_LIBRARY; unset 
ECOS_REPOSITORY=/home/jmt/svn/ecos-caffeine/packages; make --directory 

And as this is BSD make, not GNU make, it fails.

How do I make the ecos-tool use gmake instead of make?


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