[ECOS] .ldi for target but no .mlt -- ok to edit?

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Mon Sep 25 22:27:00 GMT 2006

Brett Delmage wrote:
> For some targets (e.g. lpcmt) I see .ldi and .h files, but no .mlt
> The .ldi and .h files state // This is a generated file - do not edit
> Can someone please confirm my understanding that:
> - this comment is an artifact of a previous generation by the memory 
>   layout tool and not relevant
> - that in the absence of a .mlt in pkgconf, it is acceptable to modify the 
>   .ldi and .h files for the proper map, do the build, and they will not be 
>   overwritten by  anything else?

In a perfect world (and indeed past times), the .ldi and .h files
were generated from the .mlt file.  We haven't had a config tool
which knew how to do that for many years :-(

So, in this environment, the .ldi and .h files (the ones that are
actually used in the build process) must be edited & kept up to
date, by hand.  I try to keep the .mlt files accurate as well, in
the hope that someday the tool will return.

Don't worry about your edits being overwritten - there is no
tool at this point which will do that.

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