[ECOS] Making eCos Configuration Tool on FreeBSD 6.1

Jack Twilley jmt@twilley.org
Sun Sep 24 06:03:00 GMT 2006

Hans Hübner wrote:
> I would recommend that you use the Linux binary of the configuration
> tool.  This will propably be relatively easy to get running (you may
> have to hunt for some of the libraries the config tool depends on) and
> there are no negative side effects of running Linux binaries on
> FreeBSD.

Thanks for the quick response!  I'll give that a try as a temporary 
measure, but is there any hope of building natively?  The application 
I'm using may require an old version of the config tool but I will have 
to try a few versions first, and this seems like a hard way to do it.

Installing the Linux binary off the website is a quick thing to try, 
though.  Thanks again!

> Best regards,
> Hans


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