[ECOS] Problem with GDB/insight debugging standalone interrupt driven code

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu Sep 21 10:40:00 GMT 2006

Miklos.Pflancer@dBResearch.co.uk writes:

> HI
> Target - ARM LPC2292 Embest development board running Redboot
> I think I have a problem with gdb stubs in redboot.
> I can load and run a  standalone application which uses interrupts 
> into external ram  using gdb, however If I set breakpoints or try to 
> single step the application stops and gdb becomes unresponsive. 
> I can burn the same application into flash and load with Redboot and 
> this works fine.
> I was wondering if  there are options in the configtool which should 
> be selected but are'nt. I am not familiar with many of these 
> settings. 
> Can anyone offer any advice on this matter

It is likely that your standalone application is reprogramming the
hardware under the stubs feet. Perhaps it is changing the serial line
baud rate, perhaps it is redirecting the exception vectors to its own
code, perhaps it is overwriting RedBoot's data area. Any of these
would cause the stubs to fail to catch an exception or fail to

You need to take a close look at what the application does during
startup. You may also need to single step it from its entry point
until you find where it messes up the hardware. 

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