[ECOS] intel 82544 ethernet driver

Jacek Poplawski jacek.poplawski@s3group.com
Wed Sep 13 08:02:00 GMT 2006

Hello Nick,

> This is the only 8254x driver in existence, it works for all other
> 8254x variants and should work for this one.
It doesn't, or I use it incorrectly.
It is 82545GM chip with serdes.
>  In theory all you need
> to do to get this controller working is to add its device ID to the
> PCI match function. 
First thing I changed was pci match function - I added 0x1028 and now 
device is detected.

The autonegotiation doesn't work, first I though that's the problem with 
ecos, but then I realized, that same problem exists in Linux kernel.
Linux checks for link even if autonegotiation fails, I've added similiar 
code to check_link function and now it also works in ecos.

I am able to read MAC address from eeprom, but I needed to add 0x1028 to 
"if" statement, because default behaviour didn't work.

The big problem is endianess. This driver contains macros like 
READMEM16, READMEM32, etc...
They works wrong on my system (ixdp2801).
I needed to implement my own functions to swap bytes.

Maybe you could answer my more "high-level" question:

BOOTP fails (it works in Linux), so I set IP to in the 
function net_init() in the RedBoot source.
Then I call following command:

ping -n 1 -h

My debugging output shows, that driver sends data with i82544_send() 
But it never receives anything.

How should I configure network in RedBoot to use such ping command? I 
mean - do I need to configure IP, netmask and stuff some way?
RedBoot knows that it pings from, but I don't 
fully understand how hardware knows, that it should ping itself.
Another thing - how the card should tell other side, that it has IP, so the other side could find it?
I don't see any code in RedBoot which does that, is the BOOTP only option?

Thanks for help.

Jacek Poplawski
Software Engineer
Silicon and Software Systems

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