[ECOS] intel 82544 ethernet driver

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Tue Sep 12 15:35:00 GMT 2006

Jacek Poplawski <jacek.poplawski@s3group.com> writes:

> Hello,
> I am trying to use intel 82545GM ethernet controller in RedBoot, to
> tftp Linux kernel.
> I described my previous battles with ecos in earlier posts.
> Now I am able to detect PCI device, read/write 82544 registers, read
> MAC address, reset device
> and establish some kind of link, however, I can't send/receive any
> packets, so ping and tftp don't work.
> I use 82544 driver from CVS version of ecos as base code for my experiments.
> This driver doesn't know 82545 at all. But Linux kernel does.
> I also have documentation from the Intel website and ecos documentation.
> Do you know how ethernet driver should work in ecos?
> Is there any other version of 82544 driver for ecos, which is not in
> current CVS? Any other branch?

This is the only 8254x driver in existence, it works for all other
8254x variants and should work for this one. In theory all you need
to do to get this controller working is to add its device ID to the
PCI match function. Unless Intel have done something really stupid and
put an incompatible device into the middle of a sequence of mutually
compatible devices, it should then work.

You indicate that you can interact with the MAC, but nothing is sent
or received. Perhaps you need to look at the PHY, and maybe force a
renegotiation. You may also need to explicitly set up the MAC to match
the negotiated speed.

Presumably you have turned on debugging, so that should give you some
clues as to where things are going wrong. 

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