[ECOS] Using ecosconfig to generate build tree

Dirk Kapusta Dirk_Kapusta@web.de
Fri Sep 8 14:13:00 GMT 2006


I am trying to integrate the build tree generation that is done by the configtool into a shell script. I use the eCos distribution for Nios II from Altera under cygwin.
I open a project.ecc file in the configtool and select Generate Build Tree form the Build menu. this will create three directories in the same directory where project.ecc is located. The directories are project_build, project_install and project_mlt. I can then run make in the project_build directory to build the eCos library.
What would be the corresponding command line usage of ecosconfig? I can get ecosconfig to generate some folders which resemble the folders in the build directory created by the configtool, but they just contain some make files, no sources. The main make file is also different from the configtool-generated one. ecosconfig generates path names for the REPOSITORY and PREFIX variables that start with /ecos-d/ instead of /cygdrive/d, and the COMMAND_PREFIX is just empty (it should be nios2-elf-).

Thanks in advance

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