[ECOS] How to build a executed-in-flash application?

wang cui iucgnaw@msn.com
Fri Sep 8 02:53:00 GMT 2006

You are right.

I looked through the source code:
Because the last "load" write the image into flash, which means the values 
of "entry_address/load_address/load_address_end" are not located in the 
"ram_start - ram_end" region.
So these values are treated as invalid in fis_create() function.

I use the commands below and it works.
"fis create -f 0x80040000 -l 0x000C0000 -n twothreads"
"go 0x80040000"

>From: Andrew Lunn <andrew@lunn.ch>
>To: wang cui <iucgnaw@msn.com>
>CC: andrew@lunn.ch, ecos-discuss@sources.redhat.com
>Subject: Re: [ECOS] How to build a executed-in-flash application?
>Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 11:43:43 +0200
>On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 09:35:40AM +0000, wang cui wrote:
> > Thank you Andrew. I have create and run it successfully.
> >
> > There are still little problem:
> > Since the applications has been wrote into flash, how to use "fis 
> > command to add it into FIS? I tried "fis create -n twothreads", but 
> > work. It report "*** invalid 'fis' command: required parameter 
> >
> > However, I can use "fis create twothreads" to directly add the 
> > after "load".
>You probably need to pass all the parameters. Eg the example in the
>documentation at
>fis create RedBoot -f 0xa0000000 -b 0x8c400000 -l 0x20000
>ie load it into flash at address 0xa0000000 from RAM address
>0x8c400000 with 0x20000 bytes of image data.
>     Andrew

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