[ECOS] Re: Some simple questitions

Dmitry Varakin dvarakin@gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 09:10:00 GMT 2006

> Are you asking about registers in memory-mapped peripherals?
> Anything that's memory-mapped is just "there".  eCos only has a
> single address space.

Thanks, it's ok.

I've got a problem with changing MAC:
When I change MAC, my debug via GDB goes down, I think it's ok, it
should be so. But after changing MAC, my board becomes unreachable for
all network connections, even for pings. ARP table is clear, but
nothing works. The example
ecos/packages/net/common/current/tests/set_mac_address.c has the same
The last string I see in GDB:
"MAC Adress for 'eth0' set to 08:88:12:34:56:77'in server test/nstream ok"
"Setting MAC of eth0 to 00:90:27:8c:57:dd
eth0 socket is 3:
Mac addr 00:90:27:8c:57:dd
eth0 ioctl(SIOCSIFHWADDR) succeeded"
in case of using an example

When I try to set the same MAC as current, my program doesn't "fails".
So the procedure of changing MAC is OK. Have you any ideas?


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