[ECOS] redboot release code

Przemek Witka przemko@witusie.info
Mon Sep 4 20:29:00 GMT 2006

Hello to everyone,

I use redboot to load linux os on embedded platform with arm xscale. I know 
that redboot require gdb stubs, but it's useless (from my point of view) 
after release to client (client cannot or don't want to debug :-)). 

For me it would be much more useful if redboot just dump stack dump with 
backtrace, address of exception, etc (client can copy paste it from console 
and send as log).

Does redboot has such a functionality ? I don't have to completly disable gdb 
stubs, but I need some dump on console before redboot go into gdb prompt.

Przemek Witka

Przemek Witka

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