[ECOS] Problem with pthread_self for the eCos main thread

LOGIE Hans Hans.LOGIE@psicontrol.com
Fri Oct 27 09:37:00 GMT 2006

I have a problem with the pthread_self() function in eCos. When creating
POSIX threads and retrieving their thread ID's with pthread_self() there
are no problems. However when retrieving the thread ID of the main
thread, there is an assert on line 680 of pthread.cxx which tells that
the current thread is not a POSIX thread. According to the following
page in the eCos documentation, the main thread should also be a POSIX
thread when the POSIX package is installed.
(see at the bottom of the page)
In our eCos configuration the POSIX package is installed. There is an
option that determines if the main thread is a POSIX thread. This option
can not be changed but is ticked by default, so that the main thread
should also be a POSIX thread (when the POSIX package is installed).
Best regards,
Hans Logie

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