[ECOS] ARM Linking Problem

Jay Foster jay@systech.com
Thu Oct 26 16:19:00 GMT 2006

I am building eCos for an ARM9 target and am getting the following error
message from the linker:

	Not enough room for program headers

I have successfully built other applications (tests) and RedBoot for this
same target with no problem.

A search on Google found the following from

When producing an ELF output file, if the linker script uses the
SIZEOF_HEADERS builtin function, the linker must compute the number of
program headers before it has determined all the section addresses and
sizes. If the linker later discovers that it needs additional program
headers, it will report an error `not enough room for program headers'. To
avoid this error, you must avoid using the SIZEOF_HEADERS function, or you
must rework your linker script to avoid forcing the linker to use additional
program headers, or you must define the program headers yourself using the
PHDRS command 

I looked in the hal/arm/arch/current/src/arm.ld and my target.ld linker
scripts and can find no use of the SIZEOF_HEADERS function.
Any ideas on what is causing this?


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