[ECOS] Two things about cyg_types

Stefan Sommerfeld sommerfeld@mikrom.de
Thu Oct 26 12:03:00 GMT 2006


I found two strange things in cyg_types. The first one is in line 316 where 
__GNUC_VERSION__ is defined. To define the whole gcc version it tries to 
find out if PATCHLEVEL is defined. My gcc (3.4.6) has __GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__ 
defined by cyg_types checks for __GNU_PATCHLEVEL__ but uses the GNUC 
define. I think the line 316 should look more like
#if defined(__GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__)

Second one is a comment which doesn't fit the define. At line 395 where 
CYGBLD_ATTRIB_USED is defined the comment says that the define changes for 
gcc 3.3.4 and above, but the define uses gcc 3.4.4. Something is wrong 
here, the comment or the define.

Quick help would be nice ....


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